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    She confirmed that I was bipolar 2
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    The liquid is the most irritating, and the cream is the least irritating
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    In January it will be 2 years That I noticed my hair coming out
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    I currently have taken trazodone for”maybe 2 years? I am 17 years of age and if you are considering trazodone: PLEASE PLEASE do not use it unless you have no other choice
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    Bom dia, Rosana Também tomo Puran T4 e estou com inchao nos olhos, principalmente no olho direito
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    I see far more medication literacy among psych patients (as regards their psych meds at least) than I've seen with any other group of patients
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    Insomnia, anger, crying, sweating.
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    The overall rate of serum transaminase elevations of more than 8 times the upper limit of normal was approximately 1% in Fluconazole-treated patients in clinical trials
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    The effects of the pill do not totally wear off in that week anyway.
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    Apotex notified Health Canada of its intention to recall the product on April 3
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    Mine can spend up to an hour with me
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    Goodness, began week 5 and not much improvement except for the fact that the pimples that come (still 4-5 at a time) are smaller and come to a white head faster then they did before
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    I need 30 min of your time in my 15min appt slot
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    You should not take the Geodon drug if you have a family or personal history of Long QT syndrome, if you have had heart failure or heart attack
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    I find Lexapro dulls desire/motivation as well as anxiety symptoms
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    Additionally, keep in mind that just because your father is experiencing baldness does not necessarily mean you will.
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    Is this a mistake, have I panicked and done the wrong thing and am i just going through a “shedding phase”?
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    I have considered going back on it but I don’t want to be numb to the world anymore (that’s what Lex does to me)
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    I will need a liver transplant within the next two years
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    Suddenly, during my last med check, my doctor told me I had to go off because I’m over 60 years of age and warnings to physicians say that dose and my age can cause heart Arrhythmia
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    Complete bladder emptying with clean intermittent catheterization combined with anticholinergics will often lower bladder pressure to a safe range